Nice crossover. Makes me think.


Mama Toph playing the Papa role. Who knows, maybe she had to be both for little Lin

Oh my god Tenzin trying to float out with air bending because Toph is blind oh my god.


Headcanon for me ’ v ‘ Self-indulgent comic to tide me over until finals is over huehuehue 
Ignore the ages if you want lol

There is never enough young!Tenzin/young!Lin art.



it just hit me, Toph has never seen her daughter. 

thank you I didn’t need to feel feelings today.

ouch right in the feels

Put yourself in Toph’s place at this moment. The only thing she is touching — the only thing she is holding onto — is Sokka’s hand. That’s all. She can feel the wind and hear the yelling, but she can’t see any of it. Her world is the world she feels through her surroundings, but right now she can only feel Sokka. So her world is Sokka’s hand, and it’s slipping away.

When Toph can out-sarcasm Sokka.

Toph: Everyone into the hole!
Sokka: It's so dark down here, I can't see a thing!
Toph: (sarcastically) Oh no, what a nightmare.
Sokka: ....Sorry.

Korra Theory: Origin of the Equalists, and Chief Bei Fong's Father


This is a bit convoluted so bear with us.

Part 1: Suki

Right after Aang defeats Ozai and takes away his Firebending, Suki leans over Ozai and asks if Aang “finished the job”. Aang says that he found another way to restore balance, by taking away Ozai’s bending. We don’t see Suki’s face until…

I don’t agree with everything, but I’ve been a Tokka shipper from the start so.. :)) (I don’t know what the Sokka x Suki shipping is called, but I guess it’s safe to call it Sukka…?)